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Ensure Your Dependents Future with Life Insurance

Life insurance is a must if you have children, a spouse, or any other dependents that rely on your income. It helps support the people you love after you pass and provides a quick infusion of cash. In addition to the stress created by the grieving process, putting your affairs in order in the event of your passing can be a daunting task. Life insurance policies provide immediate funds that help settle outstanding debt, pay for funeral costs, and resolve all income and estate taxes. Watermark Wealth Strategies is committed to finding the right life insurance plan for clients.

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Consider the Long-Term Benefits of Life Insurance

Individuals who are responsible for the wellbeing of a spouse or dependent would do well to consider several long-term factors before making a decision, including:

  • How many people do I support with my income?
  • What would they need in terms of living expenses?
  • Can my dependents become self-sufficient? If so, when?

Short-Term Considerations Play a Role in Life Insurance

In the short-term, we advise our clients to think about a wide range of potential issues before considering life insurance. For instance, you should consider:

  • Which assets will be allocated towards your dependent’s immediate needs, including funeral costs?
  • If your property is included in a will. If it is, life insurance will help tide your dependents over until they take control of the property.
  • What kind of taxes your estate will owe?

We Provide Unbiased Life Insurance Advice Across The Country

Regardless of your needs, we promise to deliver unbiased advice to you and your loved ones. You deserve a clear-eyed perspective, and our advisors act in your interest only, never selling an unneeded life insurance plan.

We often do life insurance reviews which can often help folks get more value for their money, whether it means more death benefit for the same amount of money, more potential for cash value growth, etc. Plus, we’re independent so we can look at a variety of carriers and policies to find out the absolute best option(s) for the client.

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