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Our Services

Your financial life is an intricate dance of many moving parts. Knowing how vital it is for these separate pieces to complement each other, Watermark Wealth Strategies offers an array of services to design a completely coordinated plan.

  • Financial Planning – Whether you’re nearing retirement or just starting a new family, our financial planning experts devise detailed plans that work for you.
  • Wealth Management – We provide wealth management to clients using a roadmap for successful investments, estate planning, retirement saving, tax strategies, money management, and lifestyle factors.
  • Social Security Planning – Before you reach retirement, our team can help you analyze your ideal age to begin taking Social Security withdrawals, as well as provide information on how this will affect your distributions and taxes after you’ve left the workplace.
  • Estate Planning – The legacy you leave is more than an inheritance, it’s a higher purpose for your wealth. Continue to support the people and causes you care about most by formalizing an estate plan that extends your influence well beyond your lifetime.
  • Retirement Planning – As you near the end of your career, we sit down with you to formulate a plan that maintains your lifestyle after transitioning to retirement. Your specific wants and wishes will be used to evaluate income requirements and craft a schedule for timely distributions.
  • Annuities – While we advise our clients to invest in a wide array of retirement funds, save wisely, and make sound investments, we also educate our clients that one of the best ways to ensure a worry-free retirement is through annuities.
  • 401K Rollover – Many of our clients have numerous 401ks and IRAs from previous jobs. Watermark Wealth Strategies offers 401k rollovers to clients looking to solidify their retirement funds. We can convert all your IRAs and 401ks into one IRA or set up an annuity.
  • Life Insurance – Rather than fear life’s unexpected events, we can institute necessary protective measures to avoid potential risks and safeguard your family from the devastating financial consequences of the unforeseen.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance – The costs of long-term care can be stunning. Watermark Wealth Strategies LLC wants to spare your family members the financial burden of caring for you with comprehensive long-term care insurance.

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